Assessment of Ecotourism Perception of Rural Youth for Rural Development: A Case Study of Yigilca​​​​​​   | ICRES

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Assessment of Ecotourism Perception of Rural Youth for Rural Development: A Case Study of Yigilca​​​​​​  


Assist. Prof. Dr. Yasar Selman Gultekin, Duzce University, Turkey
Student Hikmet Sarı, Duzce University, Turkey


Within the scope of rural development activities, the target audience consists of young people living in rural areas. Study area is located in the Western Black Sea region of Turkey and it is a district of Düzce. It also gives out immigration. Improving the living conditions of the local people, providing educational opportunities, rural-urban transportation, access to urban and semi-urban areas where job opportunities are more in rural development studies will reduce the migration from rural to urban areas. In order to prevent migration from rural to urban, education opportunities and job opportunities of the young population in rural city should be increased. In this context, ecotourism activities are a business line that can provide the younger generation with a better life conditions and development opportunities in their own regions. It is important in this respect to increase the awareness of ecotourism entrepreneurship of the income generating service branches of ecotourism by young people in rural areas. The survey technique was used within the scope of the study. The questionnaire, which is applied to the young people (15-30 ages) living in Yığılca, is multiple choice and planned to be open and including open-ended questions for 10 minutes. During the interviews with young people, questions regarding their socio-demographic characteristics, education opporunities, transportation, movements to urban areas were asked, and then their knowledge levels about ecotourism concept and income from ecotourism activities in their region were tried to be evaluated.


rural development, rural youth, local people, ecotourism, education, Yiğilca  


Gultekin, Y.S. & Sarı, H. (2021). Assessment of Ecotourism Perception of Rural Youth for Rural Development: A Case Study of Yigilca​​​​​​  . In M. Shelley, I. Chiang, & O. T. Ozturk (Eds.), Proceedings of ICRES 2021--International Conference on Research in Education and Science (pp. 33-41). Monument, CO, USA: ISTES Organization. Retrieved 26 October 2021 from


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